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My name is Daniel Kljajic.
I come from Burgenland (Austria). I was born in Derventa (Bosnia).
As a small child I was interested in music. In elementary school I wanted to play guitar. But there was only piano for learning. Here in Klingenbach there was a group of young people. The so-called "tamburaško društvo". I went with 12 years in this group. Since ''Bugarija'', also called ''Kontra'', strong in form and function of the guitar like, I wanted to play this instrument. In the course of puberty I was interested more and more for Youth Music Styles Hip Hop and Punk. I only stayed 1 year in Tamburica group and bought a bass guitar. With a music teacher in Eisenstadt I learned to play. The bass guitar I played only half a year. Playing with instruments, I completely stopped.

When my parents bought me a computer, I tried to compose music on the PC. Even with a few DJ sets I tried, but without DJ controller and turntables. Only the PC was my only instrument. As of now, I started to produce hip hop beats.
Besides I produce hip hop, drum and bass and electro nowadays.

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